Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

Choose what to pay for up to 3 items per day! You do not have to bring them back, they are
yours to keep. Proceeds are used to send educational books to schools and orphanages around the
world and create tree planting projects with primary school children in the UK.

Q: How much do people usually donate?

We don’t give an indication of what people pay, so YOU may choose to give what you feel is
a fair price.

Q: Do the staff get paid?

Book-Cycle is a 100% volunteer run charity and always will be!

Q: How do you pay your rent and bills?

Donations raised through book sales and other activities we host are used to cover basic
running costs of Book-Cycle shops.

We try to keep all costs to a minimum; no wages, team outings or posh business lunches are
taken out of our donations.

Q: Where do the books come from?

All our books are donated from; schools and colleges, libraries, businesses or the general

Q: Do you want my old books?

We’re delighted to receive any books you no longer want and will endeavour to find them
good homes. Head over to our branches page to find your closest Book-Cycle shop

Q: Can you collect my books?

Book collections can be done by prior arrangement for larger donations, at present we cannot
make special journeys for small book donations. You can deliver straight to your closest
Book-Cycle and we can give you help unloading from your vehicle.

Q: Do you need more volunteers?

Yes, the more the merrier! Check out our volunteer section to see how you can get involved

Q: Do you have any books by “X”?

We don’t keep a database of books stocked. You can ask one of our volunteers, they may
have seen it in the shop, or they can direct you to the right section. Alternatively, we can put
your details in our request book and let you know if/when it comes in.

Q: Can I send books directly to one of your partner charities?

Yes, we would love it if you did. Take a look at our handy guide to sending a book parcel

Q: Can I start a Book-Cycle?

YES! Information about setting up a Book-Cycle can be found on our DIY page