Build Libraries in Ghana


The provision of libraries and books has a profoundly positive impact on the surrounding communities. Such projects cater for the local thirst for knowledge, act as a conduit for sustainable development and help with the eradication of poverty. In December of 2009 we were approached by Thrive Africa UK, a small grass roots charity run as we are; entirely by volunteers. As their ethos and objectives are so close to ours, we decided to work together on school library projects for Ghana.

In early 2010 we combined our resources to build 6 libraries in the Ashanti region of northern Ghana. The collection of books and educational resources from around Exeter and the building of shelves in rural schools can be seen in this gallery

Each year we hope to send a container shipment full of wonderful books and educational resources to help build and furnish more libraries around northern Ghana.

Why volunteer with Book-Cycle & Thrive Africa?

By volunteering you are enabling us to carry out the work we do and helping us expand our projects. We are a not-for-profit organisation which is offering needed development assistance
to rural communities across Africa.

We do such great work and the reward of working with us and the people of Ghana will be one rarely experienced in everyday life. If you want to be involved with active projects, make a difference and see the result of your hard work then volunteer with Thrive Africa & Book-Cycle.

“The rewarding feeling you get seeing the children happy when you’ve done a good job, or simply after playing with them (e.g football) for an hour or so is amazing. The tourist type trips we did of a weekend were unforgettable, for example, a canopy walk through a rainforest and sleeping in a tree house, these are some of the best things I’ve done in my entire life, let alone the trip.” – Brad Wilkie..

Volunteer Placements

Arriving in Accra you will travel to Kumasi, from there you will travel to Thrive Africa’s project house just on the outskirts of Kumasi. You’ll be staying in the project house with a team of up to 30 volunteers, several Thrive Africa representatives, caretaker and a cook. The house has electricity, running water and bathroom facilities.

Each day you will travel from the project house to the individual projects.

As a Book-Cycle volunteer you will be expected to fundraise the same amount as the Thrive Africa volunteers and will apply through them, but your remit will be focused more on the provision of libraries; from decorating classrooms to the construction of shelves and the sorting of books for each school library.

Voluntary positions are also available all year round to teach; to teach you must demonstrate the ability to work with children of all ages and demographics. No set qualifications are needed and each candidate is assessed on their current skills and previous experience.

Thrive Africa have 9 ongoing projects in the region, their scope being much wider, they accept volunteers to help with water and sanitation, health and sports.

Projects Include:

  • Library Builds
  • Orphanage Development
  • Orphan Welfare Agenda

Volunteer Criteria

You will be asked to stay for a minimum of 1 month and preferably if teaching a full school term. This guarantees a more effective service of teaching and education to the children. We ask that volunteers work 5 days a week on their chosen projects, for around 6-9 hours each day.

Project Fees

Volunteers wishing partake in the placements will need to fundraise towards project fees. As a general outline your volunteering fee is split as below:

  • 40% Towards Food & Accommodation.
  • 10% Towards Travel.
  • 40% Towards Projects.
  • 10% Towards Thrive Africa’s operating.

What’s included:

  • Accommodation
  • Food (3 Meals a day)
  • All project materials
  • Safe drinking water
  • Met at Airport
  • All placement travel
  • Pre-departure training & support
  • In country Thrive Africa representatives
  • 24-hr emergency support

What’s not included:

  • Flights (£450-£550 estimate)
  • Insurance (£20-£40 estimate)
  • Cost of visa (£30)

Tourist Opportunities

Ghana is a fantastic place to travel; full of national parks, castles and varied cultural attractions. Excursions during the placement include:

  • Cultural Museum
  • Kumasi Markets
  • Mole National Park
  • Kintampo Waterfalls
  • Bosumtwe Lake
  • Cape Coast

Dates, Locations & Project fees can be found on the volunteer section of Thrive Africa’s website