Help at a Bookshop

A wonderful way to spend your time is helping out at a Book-Cycle shop near you. A few hours a week is all it takes to make a world of difference to people in your community and overseas….

As Book-Cycle has grown organically, we now have a variety of activities to explore in the shops. After a few introductory shifts, new volunteers are asked pick the most suitable day for them to volunteer each week.

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The ‘Superheroes’ below are multi-person roles because of the scale of tasks involved.

‘The Shuffler: The Juggler of Books’

A skilled book sorter with a keen eye for tasty literature.

  • Sorting book donations at the shop & warehouse
  • Selecting relevant books to send to our partner charities
  • Alphabetising / genre sorting the shop shelves
  • ‘Shelf-Cycle’ maintaining shelves & finding new locations
  • Sorting books for events & stalls
  • Finding books – schools and charity shop collections

‘Captain O’ the Brig: At the Helm of Book-Cycle’s Ship’

A key character as the shop being open and running smoothly is essential to most of our projects,  whilst providing the public with information about our activities.

  • Customer relations & answering enquiries
  • Searching for and taking customer book requests
  • Helping sort book donations as they arrive
  • Updating leaflet, poster & information displays at the shop
  • Keeping the bookshop clean and tidy

‘Art Attack: The Creative Driving Force’

  • Guerilla Advertising – Chalking messages around town
  • Making Book-Cycle outlets beautiful and full of character
  • Inventing wonderful art installations in all Book-Cycle areas
  • Collating Book-Cycle photos & images for advertising
  • Promotion; posters / flyers / bookmarks / clothing

‘Oaky Doky: Chief in-charge of all things Green’

  • Researching & obtaining land, lots of land under starry skies
  • Finding saplings & suitable locations to replant them
  • Establishment of Permaculture & tree nurseries (POGOE)
  • Growing useful plants: harvesting & preserving methods
  • Seed banks well stocked & varied; useful seed saving info
  • Promoting organic growing / workshops & walks
  • Access to green info on B-C website & leaflets in shop
  • Researching greener transport solutions for book postage

‘Constructo – The Builder of Wonders’

  • Locating useful tools / materials / DIY info
  • Making wooden donations boxes for ‘mini Book-Cycles’
  • Ensuring that vehicles are well maintained
  • Making and maintaining ‘Silly-Cycles’ / bike trailers
  • Construction both innovative and practical at shops