Help at a Bookshop

A wonderful way to spend your time is helping out at a Book-Cycle shop near you. A few hours a week is all it takes to make a world of difference to people in your community and overseas….

As Book-Cycle has grown organically, we now have a variety of activities to explore in the shops. After a few introductory shifts, new volunteers are asked pick the most suitable day for them to volunteer each week.

Please bear in mind that you must be 17 or over unless accompanied by an adult.

Keep up to date with all activities on our facebook pages;
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The ‘Superheroes’ below are multi-person roles because of the scale of tasks involved.

‘The Shuffler: The Juggler of Books’

A skilled book sorter with a keen eye for tasty literature.

  • Sorting book donations at the shop & warehouse
  • Selecting relevant books to send to our partner charities
  • Alphabetising / genre sorting the shop shelves
  • ‘Shelf-Cycle’ maintaining shelves & finding new locations
  • Sorting books for events & stalls
  • Finding books – schools and charity shop collections

‘Captain O’ the Brig: At the Helm of Book-Cycle’s Ship’

A key character as the shop being open and running smoothly is essential to most of our projects,  whilst providing the public with information about our activities.

  • Customer relations & answering enquiries
  • Searching for and taking customer book requests
  • Helping sort book donations as they arrive
  • Updating leaflet, poster & information displays at the shop
  • Keeping the bookshop clean and tidy

‘Art Attack: The Creative Driving Force’

  • Guerilla Advertising – Chalking messages around town
  • Making Book-Cycle outlets beautiful and full of character
  • Inventing wonderful art installations in all Book-Cycle areas
  • Collating Book-Cycle photos & images for advertising
  • Promotion; posters / flyers / bookmarks / clothing

‘Oaky Doky: Chief in-charge of all things Green’

  • Researching & obtaining land, lots of land under starry skies
  • Finding saplings & suitable locations to replant them
  • Establishment of Permaculture & tree nurseries
  • Growing useful plants: harvesting & preserving methods
  • Seed banks well stocked & varied; useful seed saving info
  • Promoting organic growing / workshops & walks
  • Access to green info on B-C website & leaflets in shop
  • Researching greener transport solutions for book postage

‘Constructo – The Builder of Wonders’

  • Locating useful tools / materials / DIY info
  • Making wooden donations boxes for ‘mini Book-Cycles’
  • Ensuring that vehicles are well maintained
  • Making and maintaining ‘Silly-Cycles’ / bike trailers
  • Construction both innovative and practical at shops