Overseas Libraries

One of our most beneficial connections is our ongoing relationship with Thrive Africa, enabling us to jointly provide educational facilities for communities in Ghana. In partnership with Thrive Africa and Book Relief UK, we have helped create over 300 community libraries in rural areas of Ghana.africa-map-coloring-page-source_exa

Since 2010 we have sent over 250,000 books and a range of teaching materials. These resources are destined for the northern Ashanti region where literacy rates can be as low as 57.9% for children. We feel that throughout the world, access to education is the most powerful tool for the alleviation of poverty. By providing the tools for learning and change, communities have a greater opportunity for independence and prosperity.

Last year Book-Cycle helped Thrive Africa establish 172 community libraries again in the Ashanti region. These libraries received an overwhelming reception at the various schools. A few books, some shelves and a lick of paint goes a long way.

In the coming years we hope to directly link schools in the UK with our partner organisations around the world.


Donate Books

If you have any books in good condition for children aged 1 – 18 years, donate them to us and we will find them loving new homes.




Get Your School Involved!

As the books are mainly destined for school children, we would like to invite schools throughout England to send their books on an incredible journey…

You can help as a school, year, class or pupil.

If a pupil or class would like to send 5kg of books or a pallet of books, head over to our ‘Send a Book Parcel’¬†or ‘Send a Book Pallet’ page for our handy guide.

If your student year or school would like to work together to send a pallet of books (approx 2000) you should take a look at our ‘UK Schools’ page for more information. Just think what a great achievement it would be for you to furnish a school overseas with books you no longer use!

For the school librarian: a cull of library shelves can often yield many useful books that have fallen outside of the UK curriculum yet would still be relevant for schools overseas.



Students from St Peter’s High donating geography text books.