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from tree to book and back again. . .


Book-Cycle is a UK based volunteer run Charity. We seek
to empower communities both here and in developing countries
through the provision of free books and educational resources.
We also encourage the reforestation of rural England by offering
free trees and information on self-sustainability.

All of this is achieved through your kind donations at our
'free' bookshops and shelves located in community spaces.

Book-Cycle also works to benefit the local community;
establishing projects to encourage self-reliance through
home food growing, engaging in global issues and
promoting wildlife through the planting of trees. We also provide free internet access, seed banks, independent film screenings, 'Bring Your Own Art' exhibitions and a variety of workshops too!

volunteer run

We are proud that Book-Cycle is run entirely on the efforts of individuals giving up their time just for the love of it!

This means;

       * Donations go that much further as no one is paid

       * As a non-hierarchical organisation we see equal value in the time given by volunteers

       * More transparency in the way your donations are spent

       * We want your help!


Get involved with one of our projects. Head over to our volunteer page to find out more...